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Generic ActiveX Image with rotating X STMR Timer/Modbus Data Conversion ActiveX Control

The timer function of STMR provides Excel with the same millisecond timer functionality that Visual Basic provides.  STMR's timer is designed to be as close to the VB version so that your application code can be used in either environment.

STMR's floating point conversion functions are used to convert register values to floating point values for those Modbus devices that support floating point.  Online HTML help files and several example files are provided for using STMR along with SMRX in an Excel application.

STMR is not just for Excel.  It can be used to provide floating point support for SMRX and SMTX in other applications.

STMR Properties

Property Name Description

Specifies the time interval between timer events in milliseconds.


Enables or disables the timer event.


Specifies the data conversion format (byte order) for converting register data to floating point and vice-versa.


STMR Properties Page Image

STMR Properties Page


STMR Methods

Method Name Description

Dsplays the About Box for the STMR control .


Converts two 16-bit unsigned register values into a 32-bit single precision floating point number.


Converts a 32-bit single precision floating point number into two 16-bit unsigned register values.


Floating Point Formats Supported

Description Byte Order (over the wire)
Motorola Big Endian


Byte-swapped Big Endian


Intel Little Endian B0:B1:B2:B3
Byte-swapped Little Endian


Where:  B3 (most significant byte) through B0 (least significant byte) are the bytes of a 32-bit,  IEEE single precision floating point number shown in order as they come over the wire in a Modbus message.

STMR is an unlicensed, freeware control included with the SMRX.  To obtain STMR, download SMRX.